Jarrod Elmore likes coffee.

Jarrod Elmore likes coffee.

Other ways to "Play It Forward"


Remember when we didn't need Facebook, and if we wanted to communicate, we used good old-fashioned, hand-typed email, and we liked it?  I do.  Kids these days.

Suggest someone join the mailing list community:


This works best by email.  Basically, you write someone a personal email, tell them you're on my mailing list, and tell them that you think my music, my stories, and my hair are all three pretty interesting. 


You copy this link:




…and you paste it into the email. 



Or, you can use this awesome button:


The link will take them to a page where I introduce myself, let them hear samples of the music, then give them a chance to join the mailing list community, if they choose to.  You can check out the page you'll be sending them by looking at it here:  www.jarrodelmore.com/playitforward.


This really does not work very well on Facebook or Twitter, because those places are less personal, and this method asks the person for their email address.  But when someone recommends it personally via email, it works.  Many people have joined the mailing list community this way.  So, write a personal recommendation, and put it into an email to someone you care about.  We have seen this email method touch a lot of people.

Suggest someone listen to  Jarrod Elmore Radio:


This works best on Facebook and Twitter, but it works via email too.  Write a personal email to someone, tell them what you think of my music, and suggest they give it a listen. 

You copy this link:




…and you paste it into the email. 


Or, you can use this sweet button:

The link takes them to Jarrod Elmore Radio where they can listen.  That's it.