Jarrod Elmore

Jarrod Elmore

Why join the mailing list community?


My name is Jarrod Elmore.  I have interesting hair, I play the piano, and I say things.

At this point, you've probably heard my music and are considering joining our mailing list community.  But, you want to find out more before you do.

That's cool.  I understand.  I would, too.  I don't like giving my email address out unless I know exactly what's going to happen when I do.

I'm glad you're here.  That means that my music has already touched you in some small way.  I hope to do more for you.  It may sound difficult for you to believe, but even though I may never have met you in person, I care about you.  I want you to be well.  I want you to be happy.  And I want you to heal so you can love - and love so you can heal.


That's the road I've been on.  And anyone who needs to heal knows what it's like to hurt.  I do.  And, through the mailing list community, I share my stories.


I give you members-only access to Spiked Piano.


Spiked Piano is my new show.  It's about me being a piano player with spiked hair and interacting with the world around me.  Older episodes eventually become "public" videos on YouTube.  But the newest episodes are released privately, directly to mailing list subscribers. So, if you join the mailing list, you'll be able to stay up-to-date with the show.  It has been a truly scary experience making the show, by the way.  I've never felt so exposed.


I tell you the stories behind my songs.


The songs don't have words, but they have my life in them.  The pain I've felt and the struggle I've endured are all in the notes I play on the piano.  You probably hurt too.  I'm glad that my songs don't have words, so that you can find your own story in them.  But, I've picked out several of the songs and written the stories behind them.  Perhaps you'll relate.  We all suffer, make mistakes, embarrass ourselves, and hurt.  It's all a road that we're walking together, trying to learn the difference between love and fear.  I share my stories about that road through the mailing list community.  The first thing you'll get is a 7-day series of emails where I share myself with you, so that we can connect.  It's called Play It Forward.


I keep you in the loop about my live concerts.


I play house concerts.  I also play on TV and stuff.  Through my monthly newsletter, you'll learn about how to see or create live performances.  My favorite type of concert is a house concert.  I make those available to people on my mailing list.  They don't cost money.  They are donation-based.  Basically, people who like my music contact me and I come give a concert for them and their friends in their living room.  I play for tips, basically.  I do it to spread whatever love that I have to give to the world.  So, join the mailing list so that I can meet you in person someday at a concert.


I give you full album downloads to both of my albums.


If you've been enjoying the music on YouTube or Jarrod Elmore Radio, you might want to download my entire albums and burn them to a CD.  That way, you can listen to it uninterrupted anywhere you want.  Or, you could put it into iTunes or your phone and listen from there.  It's yours to enjoy.  (I still have the copyright though, so don't use it to make money without paying the royalties.  Fair enough?  Ok.  Thanks.)


And I still give you more stuff after that.


I get you hooked into my Facebook and Twitter communities so we can chat.  I share special announcements with you about cool new things.  I give you advance notice about new albums.  I let you know when I'm available in your area for house concerts.  I bring up interesting topics for us to discuss with the community.  In short, I just want to have a relationship with you and interact with you.


And so, in summary, here's what will happen:


1.  You'll get the stories behind the songs.

2.  You'll get the monthly newsletter and occasional special announcements.

3.  You'll get both of my complete albums to download and use how you want.

4.  You'll get a relationship with me and my community.

5.  You'll get more stuff as new stories, ideas, videos, and albums come out.


I literally don't sell anything or take money from you.  This is not a sales letter.  I don't even have PayPal or anything set up on the mailing list because the mailing list doesn't sell anything at all.  I just want us to get to know each other.  


I won't spam you.  (I seriously can't.  It's illegal.)  And I won't share your information with anyone else.  (Duh.  That would be a punk move.)  And you can unsubscribe at any time.


So, just enter your name and email address below, and we'll get started. 


Your first email with the full album downloads will arrive pretty much immediately.

Still need more info?  Ok.  Here's what some other nice people say about it:

I was thrilled when I found out you were releasing a new album. I love piano music, and have found yours to be some of the most relaxing and fulfilling I’ve found. I’ve signed up for your newsletter and can’t wait to hear more of your story.
— Dan Perik....Oconomowoc, WI
Your music exalts your very soul and immortalizes the beauty of it. As I read through your stories I can feel where the emotional content of your music is coming from. I like that you are able to lay yourself bare and truly put your soul into your creativity.
— Karen McGraw...Bartlesville, OK
OMG! Now and Forever is just as wonderful! … I love the stories behind the songs . . . they help the music have more meaning. I was really touched by the story behind “The Broken Ballet” and “Close to You”. I can identify . . . I have felt broken, misunderstood, being an introvert (I’m an ISFJ), etc. This has inspired me to write my music . . . maybe it will help me get over the past.
— Marsha Wolf...Lenexa, KS

So, hopefully you've heard enough at this point.  Seriously, you read all the way to the bottom of the page, and I really shouldn't write any more.  The rest is inside.  So, just enter your name and email below, and I'll see you there.