Why share Spiked Piano?


If you're here, you're thinking about sharing Spiked Piano, our web series on me playing piano and interacting with the world.  And I'm glad you're thinking about sharing it.  That means that you've seen the show and you feel it might be inspiring, uplifting, healing, or meaningful for someone else.

I coined this corny term when I released Now and Forever.  It's called, "Play It Forward."  

It's dumb, you know?  Dumb phrase.  Cheesy.  But you coin phrases like that to help people remember them and understand them at the same time, not because they sound poetic and ultra-cool.

Basically, the idea behind "Play It Forward" is that we are spreading love to the world together.  Somehow, you found me.  And my music, stories, and Spiked Piano show touched you.  You know people that I don't, and you may be the only way they could ever find out about what I do.  When you help connect those people to Spiked Piano, you are spreading love with me.  You're joining me on a mission to shine a little bit of light into the world.  We're teammates.  We're in this together.  We are in the same entourage headed to the same destination.


That's why I treasure you so much.


Because I care about you, and because you can help me reach others.  I made Spiked Piano because I wanted to do more to reach out to people.  I wanna share stories. And I want to help people find out they're not alone.  I want people to find hope.  I want them to see that it's ok to hurt - everybody does.  It's ok to struggle - I do.  And I want to help them find some kind of relief from the pain and hope for the future...in some small way.

I made the show for you because I could imagine you sitting there, watching it, and being moved.  

And because of you, the show might reach someone else.


And one more quick note:


When you share Spiked Piano, you'll be sharing the Pilot Episode - the one with Sarah Leslie the cancer survivor.  Have you ever watched a TV series on Netflix?  You know how you always start with Season 1, Episode 1?  Well, that's what we're doing here.  If you shared a different episode of Spiked Piano, people would be starting in the middle.  We want them to start from the beginning, and follow the show's progression.  Ok?

So, the buttons below are to share "Spiked Piano w/Jarrod Elmore:  Pilot Episode | Sarah Leslie" on Facebook or Twitter (or both).  You can tell people something like, "This is the first episode of a web series I watch.  I watched the first one, and it made me want to watch more.  Try this and see if you like it.  If not, you don't have to be friends with me anymore.  Ok?"

Or maybe don't be quite that dramatic.

But you get the idea.

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