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Summer 2015


House concerts are free, and they take as little as 14 days to promote and host.

Piano not required.  I bring my own :)

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A house concert can be a powerfully intimate experience.

It's like a wave of warmth and connection can saturate the room and remind everyone there of who they truly are.  They're fun and casual too.  The pressure is low.  But the dividend is high.  They're donation-based.  So it's free to host and attend, and the attitude of love and community is palpable.  Of all the places I've played in my life - be it clubs, auditoriums, or TV - house concerts remain the most memorable events I've ever encountered.


Hosting a house concert is simple.

They are free, and take as little as 14 days to promote and host.

You just:

1.  Confirm the date.  (by filling out the form below)

2.  Invite your friends.  (potluck hors d'ouvres and cocktails optional)

3.  Arrange your chairs.  (may need to borrow some)


We provide a guide booklet once you've confirmed the date.  

It's basically the three steps above with helpful tips added.  Just follow the guide, and you'll create a poignant event that will touch lives.


You can request a house concert with the form below.

We work hard to accommodate your requests.  However, the more flexible your availability the more likely we can make it happen. I truly look forward to meeting you and your friends!

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Summer 2015

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