Jarrod Elmore

Jarrod Elmore


Jarrod Elmore is a solo piano artist. 



His 2006 release, Dance of Gracesold in over 17 countries and received positive reviews.


His next release, Now and Forever, is due later in 2014.




In his native northeastern Oklahoma, his original projects have included:


            Bite-Size Broadway (2008-2012), a children's musical theater company featuring his compositions.


            Mojo Theater (2010-2012), a musical theater company for people with developmental disabilities.


            Autumn Sun Yoga (2010-2012), a one-of-a-kind yoga studio featuring his original music.


            Drive Thru-Moment (2003-2005), an artistic rock group featuring his work.


He's also worked in several cover bands and entertainment-oriented groups such as:


The 918 (2007-2009)


Ayngel and The Scream-a-longs (2010-2012)


Ayngel and Jarrod Elmore (2010-2012)


Pop Machine (2012-2013)


Lemon Love (2012-2013)


Guitars Gone Wild (2013-current)


Pop Roxx (2014-current)


Sylvie Lynn (2014-current)

He's also developed a local reputation as a commercial jingle writer, studio engineer, producer, church music director, and "the guy with the spiky hair."